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You can’t leave the house without your smartphone anymore. It’s a pivotal piece of any business. As app developers get more creative in developing niche productivity tools, businesses of all types can stand to benefit, but first they need to know what tools are available! There are a lot of outstanding tools out there for electricians, and we figured we’d share a few of our favorite electrician apps for Android and iOS and also get some input from other developers and electricians what their favorite apps are as well.

First, our favorites.


jobflex logo
JobFLEX is one of the top 15 business apps on the Google Play store and for good reason, it’s the ultimate solution for electrical contractors to manage their pricing and billing. This app allows you to upload your pricing lists and add photos, so you can create a detailed, professional looking quote as you walk the job site. When it comes time to invoice, you can turn that estimate into a detailed invoice in seconds. JobFLEX offers a limited free trial to let you kick the tires, see for yourself why so many electricians choose JobFLEX as their pricing and billing app of choice.

Find JobFLEX on the Google Play store and start making money today!

Price: Free trial version , starts at $8/month

eTools Lite              

etools app logo

eTools lite is one of the best apps for electricians because of its combination of reference materials and electronics tools. The resister color code, capacitor code, power calculator, voltage divider, and frequency converter will help you in making easy calculations, conversions, and to keep useful information at your fingertips.

To see the entire list of features, visit the Apple app store.

Price: Free

Master Electrician Reference

Master Electrician Reference App

Master Electrician Reference (MER) is the best reference guide an electrician can use, and it’s all packed into one easy to use phone app. MER will keep the most important information easily accessible on your iPhone, Android, or tablet device. Additionally, MER will easily do some calculations for you, making your job as easy as possible.

To check out more about MER visit the Apple app store or Google Play store.

Price: $9.99

Southwire® Voltage Drop Calculator

Southwire Voltage Drop Calculator Logo

Southwire’s voltage drop calculator app will provide you with an easy solution to finding the correct wire size for an electrical circuit. It is calculated based on the voltage drop and current carrying capacity of the electrical circuit. This is one of the best apps for electricians because of its ease of use and performance.

For more visit the Apple app store or Google Play store, and check out the other electrical apps by Southwire.

Price: Free

Electrical Calc Elite

electrical calc lite

Electrical Calc Elite gives electrical professionals the ability to make accurate calculations based on National Electric Codes.  Solving code-related issues is not easy, so this app has figured out the best way to solve these problems as quickly and accurately as possible.

To see the entire list of features visit the Apple app store or Google Play store.

Price: $19.99

ElectroDroid Pro

electrodroid logo

As an electrician, you are well aware of how many calculations you make daily and it’s a lot. Before tools like ElectroDroid Pro came around, electricians would have to manually calculate these complex numbers while referencing their notes and manuals. This app can increase productivity and save you time all while reducing the errors that come with manual calculations.

The ElectroDroid Pro is one of the most widely used calculators for electricians, and for a good reason. This app features a long list of calculators, convertors, references, and other tools to make your job easier including:

  • Resistor color code decoder
  • Heat dissipation
  • Inductor design tool
  • Decibel converter
  • Capacitor charge calculator, and more

To see the full list of features, find ElectroDroid Pro on the Apple or Google Play store.

Price: Free for lite version, $3.99 for full

Electrical Wiring Lite

electrical wiring lite logo

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to Electrical Calc Elite then Electrical Wiring Lite is worth a look. Electrical Wiring Lite is also touted by users because of its accuracy and ease of use. Its calculations are performed per National Electric Codes, providing you with the accurate information to complete your project on time.

Check out the full list of features for Apple products and Android products.

Price: Free, full version $0.99


everycircuit appIf you work better with visuals, this app is for you. EveryCircuit, unlike an equation, will show you the ins and outs of any circuit you create to show you exactly how it will work. Simply build a circuit and press play to see charge, voltage, and current animations.

This simulation-style app is a great way to test ideas in a simple, user-friendly way. You are able to adjust parameters and input arbitrary signals while the simulation is running to see how the circuit will react in real time. While this app is fun to play around with and looks nice, it also uses accurate data, methods, and models to provide you with a life-like circuit.

Find EveryCircuit on Google Play or Apple.

Price: Free

Electrical Calculations

electrical calculations appFormulas can be tedious and time consuming which is why every electrician should be using the Electrical Calculations app. This app is different than most other electrician calculators for a few reasons. First, it shows you the actual formula that it is using when calculating an output value, where similar apps just give you the value.  Unlike similar apps, Electrical Calculations is able to do many lighting calculations like foot-candle to lux and lumens to candela.

This app is incredibly simple to use and can calculate Ohm’s law, Joule’s law, as well as both single and 3 phase power calculations. Electrical Calculations will help you make accurate basic and complex calculations right on the job site.

The Electrical Calculations app is available on Google Play.

Price: Free

Electrical Formulator

electrical formulator appIt will be hard to find an app that has better operating-specific features than the Electrical Formulator app. It can calculate operating costs of appliances and lights, hours of new bulb usage, payback of insulation as well as generator output, currents, and efficiency. On top of the specific calculations and conversions, Electrical Formulator also performs all of the widely used industry calculations.

One of the best features of this app is that it conveniently tracks your recently and most used formulas so that you do not have to search through the hundreds of formulas every time. While you are using this calculator on the job site, you can email or print your results to share with your team or file away.

Check out the complete list of Electrical Formulator features on the Apple app store.

Price: Free

Suggestions From Our Friends

We asked around to see if some outside voices wanted to weigh in on their favorite apps, and the following people were nice enough to provide their opinions on the topic.

Bussman Fuse Finder & Fault Current Calculator

From Grace Conyers – Owner and CEO of Insanitek

eaton bussman fuse finder logo

One of the best apps we’ve come across while working in electrical engineering classes have been the apps by Bussmann. They have a fuse finder app with is pretty nice when looking for parts, but even better is the Fault Current Calculator to make sure you don’t burn the place down.

Download them for Apple or Android.

Fuse Finder Price: Free
Fault Current Calculator Price: Free

The Home Depot Pro App

home depot pro app logo

“For electricians who regularly shop at The Home Depot, this app is a huge time saver. They can stay on the job site, check the nearest store’s inventory and order materials. When they show up, the store has everything bundled and ready for a quick pick up on the same day. It also lets users easily reorder items they buy the most.”

Download the pro app for Apple or Android.

Price: Free

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