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Everyone wishes quality leads would just fall from the sky, but it’s usually not that easy. For contractors, gaining new business usually requires putting in some work. But like most aspects of running a business, there are usually some tricks of the trade that can make your life easier. One way to streamline your lead generation funnel is to make sure you’re listed on the right websites that provide lead generation for contractors. Yes, it may take some time to get listed on these contractor lead sites and set up your profiles, but if you want more inbound sales activity you need to be listed where your potential customers are looking – and these are your best bets.

Sites Specifically Built as Lead Services for Contractors

We’ll break these sites into two different categories. First, we’ll look at sites that people go to for the specific purpose of finding a contractor, sort of like how you might go to Amazon to shop for a product rather than using Google or Bing. Here’s our short list of the best lead generation companies for contractors:


Houzz has become an extremely popular site for people looking for remodeling ideas as well as seeking out contractors to help on home projects. Houzz offers the ability to set up a free profile for your business where you can showcase your work. More than 1.5 million professionals are listed on Houzz, so if you’re not listed here, it’s likely that your competitors are.

According to SEMrush’s traffic analysis tool, Houzz averages about 5.4 million visits per month.

Angie’s List

You’ve likely seen the TV commercials for Angie’s List, and with that advertising has come a lot of attention. This site an extremely popular site with over 5 million members, and you can register, claim and update your business profile for free.

According to SEMrush’s traffic analysis tool, Angie’s List averages about 2.1 million visits per month.

Home Advisor

You can set up a Home Advisor Pro account for free and unlock the potential of another huge marketplace where homeowners seek out contractors based on their zipcode.

According to SEMrush’s traffic analysis tool, Home Advisor averages about 2.7 million visits per month.


While not as popular as the sites listed above, BuildZoom is another niche site designed specifically to help people connect with the right contractors in their area by browsing local contractors or by keyword search. Sign up for your free account to get listed and see who visits your profile.

According to SEMrush’s traffic analysis tool, Build Zoom averages about 286,000 visits per month.


Porch’s business model is a bit different than the other sites listed here. As a contractor you have the option to subscribe or pay as you go to browse and connect with leads. You have control over a number of preferences in an attempt to connect you with the best leads for your business.

According to SEMrush’s traffic analysis tool, Porch averages about 708,000 visits per month.

The “General” Lead Generation Service Sites

The following sites do more than serve the home renovation niche or the “find a contractor” niche, but can also be used for those purposes. As the traffic numbers can attest, these sites are hugely popular and though only a fraction of these users might be searching for your specific service, you can’t afford to not be listed on these sites.


Most people think of Yelp when they’re searching for restaurant reviews, but it’s also an excellent lead generation tool for small businesses and contractors. Setting up and claiming your profile is free, so if you’re not already listed, you’ll want to snap up your Yelp listing ASAP.

According to SEMrush’s traffic analysis tool, Yelp averages about 29.1 million visits per month.

Bing Places for Business

Yes, Google is the clear leader in the search world, but Bing still generates massive amounts of traffic and its local business listings are a free and easy way to get yourself in front of customers when they seek out local services on Bing. There’s a good chance your local competitors don’t spend much time setting up accounts like this, so take advantage and set up your Bing Places account.

According to SEMrush’s traffic analysis tool, Bing averages about 156.3 million visits per month.

Google My Business

If you’ve ever wondered why your business doesn’t show up in Google maps when you do a search for your industry in your area (for example, “painter in Austin, Texas”) it’s likely because you’ve never set up your Google My Business account. It’s free to set up your listing, so you’ll want to make certain you fill it out completely and accurately and add a bunch of high quality images of your work to show off exactly how good you and your team are.

According to SEMrush’s traffic analysis tool, Google averages about 6.5 billion visits per month.


While social media might not be your cup of tea, Facebook is usually worth setting up and maintaining an account just due to its sheer popularity. Plus, once you have your free account set up you can encourage customers to share your work with their friends to create greater online word of mouth for your services.

According to SEMrush’s traffic analysis tool, Facebook averages about 2.9 billion visits per month.


Just like Bing, Yahoo’s local business listings are still worth your time and effort. With nearly a billion users per month, it makes lots of sense to submit or update your local listing on Yahoo. But beware, Yahoo will try to sign you up for a paid Yext account where they’ll hassle you with a sales pitch. Fortunately, most businesses are already listed, so if you just need to update your listing you can follow these instructions to update your Yahoo listing without paying a dime – http://www.localvisibilitysystem.com/2016/01/29/now-you-can-fix-your-yahoo-local-listing-without-paying-for-yext/.

According to SEMrush’s traffic analysis tool, Yahoo averages about 951.9 million visits per month.

Once you’re listed…

Once you’ve set up your profiles you’ll want to do your best to track where your leads are coming from (Google Analytics should be able to help with this – look at your referrals, or simply ask your leads how they found you and keep track on a spreadsheet) to figure out which of this list are the best contractor lead services for your specific business. Once you have a feel for which services are generating leads you’ll want to encourage your past and current customers to leave reviews so any potential customers that come across your profiles in the future can see some social proof that your business is legitimate. Then, when the leads start pouring in, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the right tools to manage your business. Check out a free trial of the JobFLEX estimating app and see just how quickly and easily you can create professional looking quotes.
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