Free Windows and Doors Invoice Templates

We understand as well as you do that running your own windows and doors contracting business can be a challenge, and that’s before you take the paperwork into account. If you are creating estimates and invoices by hand, it’s time consuming and can leave room for error that could be crucial to your business and the customer receiving it.

With the help of JobFLEX, you can create professional looking invoices by downloading one of our many free invoice templates for window and door contractors. No more spending late nights and weekends trying to hand write estimates for a customer. Let us make your life a little easier.

Windows and Doors Invoice Template Options

Please review the various template options below to find the format that works best for your windows and door contracting business.

  • The Microsoft Word and Excel documents will immediately trigger downloads of that file which you can edit and “save as” to create new invoices.
  • The Google Docs and Google Sheets links will open within Google, and you can click File > Make a copy to download a copy to your own Google account.
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Version 1 – Streamlined invoice template

Version 3 – Invoice template with discount field

Version 5 – Invoice template with price per unit

Version 2 – Streamlined invoice template with quantity field

Version 4 – Invoice template with field for taxes

Version 6 – Invoice template without a down payment

Beyond Templates: JobFLEX Makes Invoicing Even Easier

These pre-made invoices are certainly a step up from making each quote from scratch, but what if you could put an invoice together from a mobile app that stored your price list and item descriptions? What if this app could build out estimates in seconds and turn those estimates into invoices and send out a PDF via email in a matter of a few taps on your mobile device? Well, JobFLEX is the tool that can do all of these things. If you’re tired of the headaches of manually creating invoices and estimates, check out a free trial of JobFLEX today.

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