Insulation Contractors, We Feel Your Pain


You know as well as we do, there are times when being an air sealing and insulation contractor really stinks…customers calling for quotes at the same time, hand-writing quotes just to stay ahead of the curve, competing with Blow and Go insulation companies, struggling to track sales performance and payments, knowing you have to send out invoices but straining to get it done before passing out from exhaustion at the end of the night…and so many nights and weekends doing paperwork instead of spending time with family and friends. Can you relate to any of these headaches insulation contractors deal with regularly?

The JobFLEX insulation invoice and billing app was built by contractors for contractors, to solve these problems and help improve your company’s closing rates, revenues, and overall efficiency, and you don’t need an internet connection to use it!

If your services include insulation and air sealing for attics, ducts, ceilings, exterior walls, basements/crawl spaces or foundations, JobFLEX is a killer addition to your business toolbox. The JobFLEX app lets you calculate quotes right from the jobsite and invoice as soon as you finish to make sure you get paid quickly.

Click the buttons below to check out an example of a JobFLEX insulation quote template and a sample price list that you can upload into JobFLEX to get you up and running quickly.



Eliminate Your Headaches with the JobFLEX Insulation Estimating, Billing and Invoicing App


Handle busy season chaos with ease:

Create estimates faster, keep customers happy, quote and win more jobs – when the seasonal rush hits.


Keep better track of sales without being buried under paper:

Reduce (or even eliminate) paper job files and all the wasted time spent tracking them down and keeping them organized. JobFLEX project files are digital, and automatically stored/organized.


Create professional-estimates that will impress:

Stop hand-writing estimates, for Pete’s sake! Differentiate yourself from the competition by including photos and customizations for a great looking estimate that customers can sign on-the-spot and stop competing with Blow and Go Insulation companies.


Get your nights and weekends back:

Finish your quotes in just minutes so you can get the hell out of the office and relax for a change.

Great App - I use it for all of my estimates!
Charles F.
I love the app it really was done well. Works every time and have had no issues.
Kerry B.
Using JobFLEX has made a huge difference in my sales process. Being able to include photos with descriptions really gives each quote and inspection report a personal touch and impresses my prospective customers.
Dave U.
Bender Parts
Great app, makes writing up quotes super easy and quick!
Mitch M.
I recommend this app is one of the best virtual contractor application I ever used.
Francisco A.
Works awesome. I put together a quote in less than 5 minutes.
Brian B.
I’m no wizard with technology, but the JobFLEX app is so easy to use, even I can do it. JobFLEX is the only estimating app I've found that lets me include different packages for my clients to choose from. Upselling is a lot easier now.
Marvonne B.
TLC Services
As a realtor I will definitely recommend this to my contracting partners.
Dale S.
Quick, easy & clean. Makes anyone look like a pro.
Silver B.
Great app! This application is professionally designed for a wide spectrum of contracting uses. Flexibility and simple efficiency. Well done!
Cheryl B.
This has shortened estimate days by nearly 2 hours of work for me. It's a life saver.
Jack B.
As a general contractor, I manage a lot of different jobs and have a huge materials list that’s tough to keep track of. With JobFLEX, I can update my materials list quickly and easily and provide great looking proposals to my customers.
Mark Love
General Contractor
Life saver! Had a professional quality bid ready and e-mailed in no time.
Steven N.
Must try. It has definitely had a positive impact on my close rates and really impresses our customers.
John R.
Real easy to use, nice looking estimates, and actually has an offline mode. Highly recommend it!
Awesome - Easy to use, so practical.
German A.
Great app, easy to use and professional results.
Jonathan D.
Breeze to use. I have had a great time so far with it.
Brian P.
Best proposal software on the market. I have tried them all and nothing compares to JobFLEX. I highly recommend it!
Nate S.
Great app. Is very easy to use and my customers like it.
Enrique N.
With JobFLEX, we can generate quotes in the field in just a few minutes (it used to take an hour), offer customers package options, and our entire staff can access project files from anywhere. It helped to increase conversions by over 15%.
Leo V.
Great app - This is everything that I was looking for within an app.
David H
Best app, does exactly what it says. Love the app.
Paul K.
Since I found JobFLEX, I’ve been able to keep up with estimating during the day as I go so there’s no backlog waiting for me at night. I needed something really simple to use, and JobFLEX fit the bill, it’s perfect for my flooring business.
Steve Snyder
SMS Flooring
The JobFLEX app which made my life a lot easier. I’m no longer backlogged with quotes and instead of hand-written proposals I can give clients a professional looking quote which helps me win more bids.
Tommy DeYoung
Class Act Painting
What a time saver! This will also help me not undercharge for the tedious things I always get stuck with.
This is so cool. The offline mode is great and it's really easy to use.
Mary M.
This app is just the best app for estimates. I strongly recommend.
Jhossy F.
Absolutely a time saver. Thank you!
Charles O.
It's a great app that helps my organization put accurate quotes together that are impressive to the clients and helps me look very professional.
Derick B.
Get this app. If you have a business dealing with quotes or estimates, this is a must download.
Bernard O.
The ability to put job headings in the quote is solid. Also the package options is a great addition and fast and easy to do. Good work.
Steve P.
Awesome. I use this app every day for proposals.
This app is very easy to use and very neat and organized.
Jeremy S.
Great app. Jobflex is quick & easy to use. Highly recommend. I use it for all my estimates.
Arturo V.
Having that faster turnaround time, especially for a small shop like ours, is allowing us to pound the pavement more to generate new business, where before we were getting bogged down in creating estimates and reports.
Jason S.
401(e) Home Energy Service
The JobFLEX app makes it easy quote on-site or later that day to be emailed or printed. The JobFLEX team took the time to find out about our business and recommended the right package for our specific needs.
Mark M.
Graber Insealators
Very easy to use! Just what I have been looking for.
Brandi V.

Air Sealing and Insulation Business Case


The Problem

An insulation business owner was struggling to keep up with estimates during his busy season, sometimes even resorting to quick, hand-scribbled estimates that weren’t tracked anywhere. This was causing him to lose customers and his paperwork and processes to spin out of control.

The JobFLEX Solution

The JobFLEX insulation estimating and payment app allows materials and labor costs to be standardized, loaded onto an Android device, and added to quotes as line items with easy-to-use drop downs. So whether estimating a job for foam, cellulose or rigid board Insulation for attics, ducts, ceilings or foundations – quotes generated in the field will be accurate and can be delivered to customers right on-the-spot.

The Results

By using JobFLEX, he was able to spend 25% less time on paperwork and organizing files and experienced a 10-15% increase in conversions because sales performance was tracked automatically, without using separate spreadsheets. Best of all he was able to increase pricing 10% and differentiate himself from the Blow and Go Insulation companies.

See for yourself! Check out a JobFLEX insulation estimate template example here.

Get JobFLEX Pro FREE for 30 days

Unlike other price quote and invoicing apps, JobFLEX doesn’t need an internet connection in the field so you can quote work in the field, in the office, even in the middle of nowhere.


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