Free Google Docs Invoice Templates

If you are sending invoices that were made by hand to your clients, you must keep reading. Not only does creating invoices from scratch take a ton of time, but they also tend to look sloppy and unprofessional. JobFLEX was made to streamline the invoicing process for contractors and we have developed professional-looking Google invoice templates that are completely free to use.

We have a full list of links to our Google Docs invoice templates below, and we also have designed other free templates for Microsoft Word, Excel and Google Sheets. Our hope in creating these free Google Docs invoice templates is to help contractors save time on paperwork and show them how simple invoicing can be. With the help of our Google invoice templates, you will be able to get an invoice created for a client in a matter of minutes. If you want an even more streamlined solution of creating and sending invoices online, you should take a look at a free trial of our free invoice generator app for Android devices and computers.

Google Docs Invoice Template Options

JobFLEX has created many Google Docs invoice templates that are popular among the contractor industry. By providing a way for contractors to streamline and organize their invoicing and paperwork process they can spend more time on their actual projects. Our templates are not just for contractors either. Regardless of the industry you are in, JobFLEX likely has an invoice template that will meet your business’s needs. Below you will find a list of links to our invoice templates for Google Docs, all you have to do is click the link and save the blank invoice template to your Google Drive.

Once you customize one Google invoice template to fit your company, you can make copies to use in the future. For a new invoice, log in to your Google account and find the existing invoice in your Google Drive, right-click and select “Make a copy”.

Version 1 – Streamlined invoice template

Version 2 – Streamlined invoice template with quantity field

Version 3 – Invoice template with discount field

Version 4 – Invoice template with field for taxes

Version 5 – Invoice template with price per unit

Version 6 – Invoice template without a down payment

What comes after invoice templates for Google Docs?

As you get started using our Google Docs invoice templates, you will realize how easy invoicing can be. The crazy thing is it can be even easier with the JobFLEX mobile and web app. Our app allows contractors to create consistent, professional-looking invoices and send them right to the customer from the job site. You can upload and store images, descriptions, pricing information, and more. You can also create additional templates that can be used for future invoices. If you run a small business or do the accounting for one, you should try out the free trial of JobFLEX’s invoicing software. Getting paid on time has never been easier.

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