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#1 Time-Saving JobFLEX Feature: Reusable Item Lists

The item list feature lets you enter your most common estimate and invoice line items once and simply select them again later. No need to type each description and price over and over again!

But wait… there’s more!


Starter Item Pricing Lists

The JobFLEX team gets a lot of requests for ‘starter lists’ with items, descriptions, and pricing to help our users get started. So we’ve put together a handful of sample item pricing lists based on the most common requests!

1) Understand how to best use the item name and item description fields to build estimates that win jobs

2) Get an idea of average pricing rates for common contractor work items

3) See how our most successful contractors utilize the item list feature to deliver high-quality estimates and invoices

Handyman List


Insulation List

Painting List

Carpentry List

Electrical List

Fencing List

Roofing List

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

We’re anxious to build more starter lists for our users! Fill out the form to let us know which industry or specialty pricing list you would like us to create next.

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