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JobFLEX Climbs to #44 on Google Play’s List of Top 50 Grossing Business Apps

JobFLEX has ascended to the 44th spot in Google’s Top 50 Grossing Business Apps. As a privately funded startup, JobFLEX competitors include heavyweight apps and heavily funded entities such as Invoice2go, Invoice Simple and Quickbooks as contemporaries.

jobflex 44th ranked top grossing google appNo Stranger To Google Play’s Top Lists

JobFLEX has continued adding features since being recognized as a top ten new free business app shortly after launch in the Summer of 2015. With an initial focus on creating estimates for contractors in the United States, JobFLEX has expanded the apps capabilities by launching the app internationally and including invoicing functionality.

What’s Next for JobFLEX?

The goal of JobFLEX is to continue to provide more value through increased features and functionality. There are a lot of features still in the pipeline but the next to see the light of day will be payment processing. With this launch contractors will have an incredibly powerful business tool in their pocket that can create quotes, generate invoices, provide past due reporting, and payment processing.

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